Distractions. They are everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE. We are pulled in so many different directions all the time. It’s no wonder we hear people like Time Ferriss say the new super power is not multi-tasking, but single task focus. The TV, the radio, the kids, the job, and worst of them all – the mobile phone with apps for everything in you can think of & more are all constantly vying for our attention.

I sit back & wonder sometimes how we get anything accomplished at all with everything coming at us all the time. It’s overwhelming. It’s overload. And it takes a toll on us. It takes a toll mentally. It takes a toll physically. It takes a toll emotionally. We feel run down all the time.

Sometimes what helps is to stop & take a breath. BREATHE. Remember the big picture of life. It’s not a merry go round of craziness until we pass on. It’s shouldn’t be, anyway. By intentionally choosing to take a moment here & there as we need it, we can help to bring some order to our lives. Breath is important. It is literally life giving, and it can be life saving.

Maybe you have a religious practice, and you stop for a moment of prayer. Possibly, you have a meditation practice so you stop for a minute to breathe. Then again, you might just need a quick respite from the whirlwind that is your life & a moment to close your eyes, breathe deep, and relax is all you need to restore your focus.

The thing about distractions is we can choose for them to be distractions, or not. They are our choice. I can choose to ignore the television my family is watching in the same room I’m working on a paper. If I can’t block it out, then I can shut myself in a bathroom & follow through with my activity without the distraction blaring in my face if I’m not yet able to overcome by mere choice alone.

Blocking out distractions is a skill learned over time. Of course, my mother would probably say I’ve been able to block her out since I was born. It’s a choice & a learned skill. It’s a mental exercise & the more you work it out the more skilled you will become.

I find many times, the reason I have trouble with distractions has more to do with avoiding a task or project than not being able to focus. It’s hard to focus on things that don’t provide us with full engagement & passion. Sometimes, probably even most times, we won’t have the passion luxury. What we can do it try to find our passion in doing the task well & being proud of it. Or find a way to be passionate about how we do what we do, even if what we are currently working on isn’t necessarily a passion of ours.

I think you will find as your enthusiasm, passion, & engagement goes up, your distractions will start to fade away.

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