Plain Ordinary Conversations with Calliope Pettis

Hello Dragons! It’s so good to talk with you again. I’ve missed you. How are you? How have you been? How are things in your world today?

You know how much fun it is to catch up with your friends, especially when some time has passed (almost always more that we would like) & you miss their face? Yeah, it’s good feelings all around. We are grateful to catch up with them once again. There is a joy & an excitement in our souls when we have the opportunity to connect or re-connect with our people.

With this week’s podcast I was able to do this exact thing with Calliope Pettis (you can find her website here –>, who, by the way, is a very inspiring artist. We discuss her journey to this point & find out a little bit about how she views the world in which we live.

I love watching Calliope create, and I love watching her journey. Her happiness & joy is infectious to all those around her. It’s not often I encounter someone who so thoroughly charts their own path, and I’m grateful to get a seat to watch her soar. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time with her as much as I did.

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