Need Help?

If you need some confidence, life coaching, or some inspiration one plain ordinary dragon to another, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide coaching, inspirational, & confidence services to help you achieve your personal best. Public speaking engagements are also available. We are here to serve you as you need. Here are a few ways we can be of service:

Feedback Freedom – Sometimes you need some un-biased feedback from folks who don’t have a stake in the outcome. Feedback Freedom is an email based program where you send us what is bugging you & we will provide you with un-biased feedback in an email.

Holding Space Sessions – Sometimes you need someone to see YOU. To be willing to sit, listen, or see you right where you are in your moment. When you just need someone to be with you in a challenging moment, day, month, or year & let you know you are intrinsically valuable & cared for – this is what Holding Space Sessions are all about.

Plain Ordinary Confidence Coaching – Coaching that is anything but plain & ordinary, just like YOU! We will help you discover your hidden confidence that has been locked away, pushed down, & compared to other dragons for way too long! Do you want to have the confidence each day to chase your dreams & desires with reckless abandon from the evil Impostor Syndrome? Do you want to vanquish the feelings & thoughts trying to hold you back from the person you know you are or want to be? Then reach out with the form below & let us share a bit of this journey together. Confidence coaching is a custom experience for each person in this moment, and so is the pricing. We do a 15 to 30 minute initial consultation free of charge. This will allow you & us to see if we want to work together in this kind of close working relationship.

Please reach out for a custom experience using the contact form below & don’t forget to read some of the testimonials below from other Plain Ordinary Dragons with witch I have had the pleasure of working.

From some of the fine dragons I have worked with:

The way you look at a problem and come up with a path for a solution is unique – Eric

Excellent perception skills.Through my period of time working with you, you were always very keen on being able to discern issues and pull back the layers of an issue or need, to better understand what was occurring – Mark

Elliott has the unique capability to turn a normally bad situation into a positive outcome with his ability to create an environment of open exchange in an environment of opposing ideas.  I have always been impressed with his ability to negotiate seemingly tough situations with several co-workers who had opposing, if not, difficult work ethic styles.  His approach to managing these types of people and their workplace habits was not only impressive, but also patient beyond his years. – Donnie

We were stunned by the talent you had. You communicated to the audience the immediacy of the message, and profoundness of the message so convincingly, that we were all taken along with you to another place. We looked at each other like we had not seen something so powerful in person and just knew – Claire

You’ve done a great many things, and perhaps even a slight majority of those things have been outwardly prohibitive to obtain/achieve, ill-advised, or even just completely driven by fantasy – in spite of that, you’ve still managed to achieve them because there doesn’t appear to be even an iota of self-doubt in the entire ocean of your being. This sense of complete inner conviction has driven you to summits that may be unapproachable for many – even most. In all the people I have known (myself included), I very much doubt that I have ever encountered anyone else with the sheer depth of self-conviction and drive to support your inner goals that you evince. – Eric S.