Thank You Dragons!

I want to take a few minutes & say a big, lovely, amazing THANK YOU! to all of you who have taken the time to download & listen to the new PODcast. I am so very grateful to each & every one of you for all the support. I am humbled, and extremely thankful for all the plain ordinary dragons out there being themselves or working toward their goal(s) along their journey.

We had, what I consider to be, a really great launch as we had 200+ downloads in the first week. Hats off to you for listening & sharing the message, passion, & vision of POD. You are all outstanding (and all the other adjectives) & I love each one of you!

Today we will have another guest who will share their passion & journey with us. Homer Keys of Firebird Guitar Straps is with us. We get to hear some of the struggles & some of the successes he had along his journey. A journey that has lead him to found an eco-friendly company repurposing old leather straps into works of art disguised as guitar straps. Is there anything cooler than practical, functional, wearable art? Yes, that is a rhetorical question, but the answer is still NO. Make sure you check out this episode & Firebird Guitar Straps – You can find them on Instagram @firebird_straps – don’t miss it!

Thank you again for all the love & support! You may be plain. You may be ordinary. But YOU are a dragon & can do amazing things!

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