The PODcast Is Coming!

The long awaited day is almost upon us. On September 2nd, 2019 the Plain Ordinary Dragon Podcast will officially launch & can be found on all the major platforms (Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, etc.) Or you can listen to it here on the website – just click this link & look for the Captivate player toward the bottom of the page —> PODcast Or you can visit our PODcast provided website for all the episodes –> PODcast Captivate

There is a trailer already up for you to listen to as we await the launch – so go check it out & get a little taste as to what awaits you.

It’s been a long time a commin’ for sure. The first interview I got was back in June of 2017. The singer/songwriter Dar Williams was gracious enough to grant me time on a project she could only have faith in based on the story I was telling about how I wanted to be able to show people how amazing & inspiring they are even as just a Plain Ordinary Dragon. Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties with the recordings & at this time I’ve been unable to resolve them to bring you the conversation. However, I am eternally grateful to Dar for her kindness & time. I highly recommend you check out her music & art —> Dar Williams

A few things to know about the PODcast:

  1. There will be giveaways! Yes, you read that correctly. Listen to the podcast episodes for details. There is a giveaway for each episode – for at least the first 5 episodes – so check them out!
  2. This is an adult focused show. Some episodes will be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or for children under 18 – due to adult themes & language. No, we will not be dropping the F-bomb every other word, but there will be some explicit lyrics as appropriate within context of the conversation
  3. We are always looking for more Plain Ordinary Dragons, like yourself, to interview. You may not think you have anything to offer a podcast interview, but you are wrong. I’ll prove it to you. Contact us & we can put you on the show!

We are excited for this day & we hope you will enjoy the podcast as much as we love putting it together for you!

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