Fear and Loathing in Your Headspace

How do you deal with fear in your life? Are you cognizant of how your fear affects you on a consistent basis? Do you have a methodology to subdue of embrace the fear? Sometimes, it’s subconscious & not easily recognizable. Other times it is front & center yelling in your face.

We all have fear. Yes, you too. It is a basic instinct meant to keep us alive, biologically & evolutionarily speaking. Some people will say we can overcome our fear. We can’t & we don’t. What we can do is overcome any specific situation where our fear might normally paralyze us from a needed action. We can embrace our fear head on. We can learn to use it as a tool. And while we might never be able to fully control it we can become comfortable having it in our lives as a compass. You can use it to help point you in directions you want to go. You can use it as an internal guide for so many purposes in your life.

I’m reminded of a conversation from one of those 80s movies – Remo Williams. Joel Grey’s character, Chiun, is training Remo Williams in the ways of some martial arts. Some of this training involves balance – at the top of a skyscraper – along the edge. Remo freaks out a bit saying he is scared of heights. Chiun says something really important.

Fear is just a feeling. You feel hot. You feel hungry. You feel angry. You feel afraid. Fear can never kill you.

That’s the point, dragons. Fear is your ally, not your enemy. Use it to your advantage. Burn the bridge, boats, and the backup plan & conquer your dreams.

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