Time for Discipline

Life is busy these days. We all know it. All of us live it. You would be hard pressed to get anyone to even argue the point, really. People have worked hard, long hours since the beginning of time, however, today is filled with more activities to keep up with on a consistent basis. Everyone has a side hustle – my wife hates the term. I know other folks who have a disdain for it as well. I think it has something to do the word hustle having a negative connotation in certain contexts. I digress, but it is also what coaches tell you to do on the playing field. Hustle. Then we have the usual 40 hour a week job, or in many cases these days, 2 or 3 jobs. Then family time needs quality time. We need to find time for keeping ourselves refreshed & on top of our game – mindfulness, reading, etc.

It becomes a real challenge to keep priorities straight, or at least on track. We get tired. Sleep becomes a priority – as it should. We find ourselves trying to get everything squeezed in each day, and most of the time something falls off. It’s a reality of life sometimes, and how we react & deal with it is as important as the activities we are working.

Today, I heard someone say, “we call it a discipline because no one tells us when to punch the clock”. We have to find time for discipline. Our disciplines need time. We have to give our disciplines time to work for us. They need to have a priority we don’t give up just because they are the easiest thing to drop off the monster list of things to do. We need to have a sharp discipline knife to wield so we are better at other areas of our lives. If you are a creative, then this might mean making more time for art in your life. If you are an entrepreneur it might mean taking more time for a business class or a self-development class like a Dale Carnegie or Stephen Covey course. Or possibly it might mean we rededicate ourselves to

Regardless of how it fits into our lives, we need to make & take time for disciplines. It will help us discipline our time, and ultimately help us to create the life we are working to build.

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