New Experiences

Sometimes it’s tough to do anything other than the usual. We get so used to surviving life we are pretty beat up by the time we can spare a moment to rest. Why would we want to try something new or different? Life is a full contact sport. Attempting new challenges & experiences can be stressful, and we spend so much time trying to get rid of stress in our lives.

Here’s the deal, though: that’s how we get better. That’s how we grow. Just like exercising a muscle for it to get bigger & stronger, so is our life. We are meant to travel. We are meant to move. We are soft tissue creatures & without movement in our lives we get sick. We die.

New experiences. This is what keeps us sharp. This is what helps us grow. Moving, moves us forward. So take the chance. Grab the experiences you can, while life is still coursing through your veins. You only get ONE shot at this thing called life.

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