Everything Happens For A Reason

There is probably not a phrase in the English language I despise the use of more than “Everything happens for a reason”. The possibility exists there is one I hate more, but it has yet to come to my attention. It is probably so frustrating because it’s a true statement, but is almost never used in a true manner.

Most of the time when you hear the phrase used, the context is around a disaster of some kind. It’s almost like an excuse. Sometimes like there is a silver lining to something horrific we are not aware of so it’s okay some gut wrenching event happened. Well, you know, everything happens for a reason.

I agree there is a cause & effect in this universe. However, I reject the notion there is some grand plan where each depressing event is meant to be & who are we to question. Everything happens for a reason. The reason is the action or inaction we, or others take. One of my friends likes to say it this way, “there is a reason everything happens”.

We choose, either by action, or inaction. The reasons aren’t always clear, but many times we find they are clear. By accepting realities & outcomes we better understand the world around us. If you want a different outcome in your life change your thoughts which will change your actions which will change your life.

Choose the reason everything happens in your life dragons!

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