Hurry Time’s Running Out

There is a difference between having knowledge and applying knowledge. I know eating a healthy diet full of fruit & vegetables will prolong my life. However, unless I actually start to eat those healthy foods & stop eating the junk food, the knowledge is relatively useless to my long term health. I’m sure you understand the point being made. Knowledge without action is useless most of the time.

We spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with or looking back on our past. We do this with our future as well. How much time do we spend planning future events like vacations, weekend getaways, or starting an new venture? Now, how much time do we focus on NOW? How much time do we spend in the moment?

Now is the only time we have. It’s the only time that exists – ever. There is NO past or future. They exist only as thoughts & remembrances. The past we remember was created in present moments, and the future we envision is crafted a step at a time with our choices right now. Each thought we use to push us into action this minute is the foundation of, or a brick in the future present (NOW). The only way to achieve anything is to work on it now. The only way to look back on our future with real pride & happiness is knowing we intentionally created it by focusing on the moments we have right now. Both the past & the future is created right now.

          It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped
— Tony Robbins

Are you a procrastinating Dragon? I am. I used to take pride in it. I would tell jokes like, “I always wanted to be a procrastinator, but I never could get around to it”. Once I realized this attitude kills my chance to build the life I wanted – past & future – I began to think differently about doing things now. When we see the work to be done as an opportunity to build a better life, situation, or “insert your choice of beautiful outcome here” it becomes exciting to work things in the now instead of waiting until later which often turns into never.

I’m not suggesting there is no value in learning from the past or making smart choices for the future. What I am saying is we need to realize the importance of living in this moment, in the NOW cannot be overstated. It’s the path to the future. It’s the gateway to the past. It’s a big key to success. And you can apply this knowledge right this moment.

Because knowledge without action is dead, here is your challenge today, right this minute: Share this article publicly in whatever manner you like & commit to your friends, family, your dog, the Interwebs, etc. that you are going to live in the NOW. As a friend of mine once said (thank you Ian),”Commitment is good for the soul” Then comment below to let us know you have committed. Now is your time.



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