Be Crazy – Be a Fanatic

Dragons, you know what people really, really love? When you love them. When you cheer them on in their endeavors. Think about it for a minute. Don’t you love it when someone appreciates you & your work? Not just simple lip service, but honest to goodness, I care about you, appreciation. Love. We all do. So why not do more of it?

When I was younger (and older than I would care to admit), it was a Herculean effort to sincerely cheer for other people’s success. It wasn’t a case where I didn’t want them to be successful, I did. It wasn’t even because I thought it was unfair. Today, I believe it was because of my own insecurities, most of which were subconscious. I had a scarcity mentality. Whether or not I was willing to admit it then, I believed others success, others limelight, somehow detracted from mine, from me. Today I realize this is completely ludicrous, but it was a part of me I had to reprogram. So many times we think & believe in liner terms. There can only be so many pieces of the pie, right? So, if someone else is getting a piece, it means less pie for me, right? Wrong!!! While the pie is not a never ending pie always providing more & more slices and you might miss out on getting a slice of this particular pie; the number of pies from which to have a slice is indeed infinite. We just need to look for them. Anyone else hungry for some pie?

As I gain more years in life & work more on developing myself to be the best version of me I can achieve, I realize the benefits of being the biggest fan of others. See, we receive great benefits from cheering others on. We train ourselves to live in an abundance mentality. We learn to be optimistic about our lives, our possibilities, because we are so happy for others. We start to see good things happening around us, and quite literally, it begins to rub off. We begin to expect good things. We begin to expect the good instead of the bad. Of course there will always be challenges & bad things that happen. Of course life won’t always be a rosy picture of joy. We will lose people close to us. We will cry. We will mourn. Life will hand us a bad hand, and it will be unfair. The thing is, if we look for the good, if we respond to the darkness with light, everyone’s lives are better. Embrace life’s challenges with a “bring it” attitude because we expect the good.

Another great side effect of being a crazy fan for those in your circle is they like you & want to do the same for you & your life. They promote you. They become your biggest fans. They think of you when they need something, and when they have an opportunity to help you out. It’s social marketing with a heart, Dragons. Whether it’s with you or your business, it makes sense to be crazy – be a fanatic.

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