Embracing Time

I wanted to write about some other things today, however, I received news of a friend of mine passing away. It was the 4th of July & he took his son out bike riding. He suffered a heart attack or possibly a stroke & was unable to be revived. So now I want to spend a few moments discussing time.

There is no resource more precious. We cannot buy any more of it. The time we have is almost always too short. There are steps we can take to try & extend the life we have. We can eat well & exercise. While it will give you a much better chance, it won’t guarantee anything. Ultimately, however, we only have so long in this life & there is nothing we can do to guarantee it will last past this very moment.

Since we know the time we have is short, all we can really do is make the very best of the moments we do have left. Why do we hear people saying “follow your passion”? Because you only get ONE shot at this beautiful life. Just one. It’s how you live it that matters.

I was talking to one of my friends last week who said his father told him to make the most of the dash. He explained the dash is the line on a gravestone in between the born & died years: 1972-2017 Make the most of the dash.

Love the ones you care about like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow is NEVER promised. Chase your dreams with passion because even if you never attain them, the journey is worth it. Hug just a few seconds longer. Embrace the time you have with everything you have to give. Give just a little more than usual. Cherish this experience we call life because it is so precious, fleeting, and fragile.

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