It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Right, Dragons? I’ve gotten most of my jobs over the years because I knew someone who trusted me. That’s how I started in the IT industry. It’s how I was recruited to work at the national headquarters of a Presidential election campaign. Shoot, even my first job as a cave guide was because the manager there knew me from attending school with her daughter. I’ll bet your best positions have come via a connection of yours. It’s more than who you know, however. It’s the relationship with who you know that makes all the difference.

We crave connection. All of us crave connection. We don’t all crave connection the same way for sure. We are all individuals, but in our own way, we crave connection. If you look, you can see it all around you. And if we pay close attention, we can see how it unfolds in front of us.

Some people we connect with naturally & easily. With some others, there is some work to do for us to connect in a meaningful way. Sometimes it can be challenging. However, on the other side of the challenge you could find one of the most meaningful relationships. I’ve experienced this several times throughout my life. Some of my best friends, to this day, are people who I didn’t easily connect with initially. Some of them I didn’t like at all. Now they are treasures to me. This is one of the things that makes connection with other people so amazing.

We see it frequently in our workplace. One person decides to take up a hobby, & before you know it there are a number of people on the bandwagon. Did everyone have a secret desire to start woodworking, mountain biking, or head to the gym? Probably not. It is how we connect with each other, however. We share experiences, & it is through these shared experiences we connect. We understand others & ourselves when we share their joy or pain.

Our society, our world, is a relationship driven event. Don’t shy away from it. Embrace it. You may need to embrace it in your own way. Maybe you don’t like talking on the phone or places with lots of people. That’s fine. Maybe you don’t want to be around people all day long, and you want to connect less frequently than others. Or maybe you are really interested in soul bearing, intimate connections which tend to be less frequent. However you choose to connect with your fellow humankind, be sure to connect!

You may just find the connection you have been looking for, connection with your world.

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